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Hewitt Farm Committee
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40 Main Street
North Stonington, CT 06359
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Dick Cooper, Co-Chairman
Nita Kincaid, Co-Chairman
Ed Harasimowitz
Eleanor Banker
Jack Brown
Brian Banker (Alternate)
Hewitt Farm Vision
Hewitt Farm will be maintained, protected and preserved as a place of traditional New England beauty with its fields, stonewalls, forests, pond, waterways and eighteenth century home. It will offer current and future generations a green haven where they can connect with the land, while enjoying the property’s diverse natural environment and the permitted activities. The Green and Amphitheater will serve as a special gathering place for public events.

The community’s involvement and use of this property will always be encouraged. They are key to its present and its future. Events and projects that relate to Hewitt Farm, its environment and the Town will be a priority.

Through the years changes that honor this vision and improvements to Hewitt Farm may be made, but irreversible changes that impact its unspoiled character will be avoided.

Hewitt Farm Committee Mission Statement
  • Maintain the property as a fine representation of traditional New England beauty
  • Maintain wildlife habitat and wooded areas using best management practices
  • Maintain existing meadows using established management practices
  • Encourage agricultural uses of the property
  • Establish a regular work and maintenance plan for the property
  • Eradicate invasive species
  • Remove existing unsafe infrastructure from the property
  • Encourage passive recreational use of the natural environment
  • Fishing, canoeing and kayaking by providing clear access to waterways
  • Hiking, horseback and bicycle riding and the use of animal drawn vehicles on designated trails
  • Community use such as picnics and gatherings
  • Use of the property by local schools for cross country running, science classes, history field trips and other educational purposes
  • Initiate enhancements that fit New England traditions
  • Maintain existing trails with appropriate trail markers and consider new trails
  • Establish vehicle parking in designated areas to promote public use
  • Provide designated areas for picnics and supervised camping
  • Continually encourage community appreciation of Hewitt Farm and seek public input

Hours of Operation Monday - Friday 8AM - 4PM (except holidays)
Old Town Hall 40 Main Street, North Stonington, CT 06359

Phone: (860) 535-2877 Fax: (860) 535-4554.