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Inland Wetlands Draft Minutes 3/11/2009
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Last Updated: 2009/3/18
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Town of




Inland Wetlands Commission





WEDNESDAY, March 11, 2009 – 7:00 P.M.


New Town Hall

Conference Room

40 Main Street

North Stonington, CT  06359


Draft Minutes



Chairman Duane White called the Regular Meeting of the Inland Wetlands Commission to order on Wednesday, March 11, 2009 at 7:00 p.m.



Duane White, Chairman, Mark Grigg, Vice-Chairman, Ron Lewis, Art Dobley, Kevin Geary, D’Arcy Cleveland and Robert Miner (arrived at 7:50 p.m.)


COMMISSIONERS ABSENT:  George Brown and Mac Gray 



Cheryl Konsavitch, Administrative Assistant and Wayne Berardi, Wetlands Enforcement Officer






Review minutes of 2/11/09 meeting.


MOTION by M. Griggs, SECOND by D. Cleveland to approve the Draft Minutes of 2/11/09 with the necessary corrections.  MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.




MOTION by M. Grigg, SECOND by K. Geary to amend the agenda to hear Item B before A under Old. Business.  MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.



5.   OLD BUSINESS:    


B.  #09-012 (Single-Family Residence)  Application of Joseph Flynn/Laura Hoppel, 37 Lewis Street, Groton, CT  06340 to construct a single-family residence on property located at 24 Jeremy Hill Road, North Stonington, CT  06359  Tax Map #107, Parcel #7905

Mr. Flynn was present for this application and went over the site plan with the Commission.  The floating drain will be in the buffer and the applicant will return for the March 11, 2009 meeting.


Chairman White read the application into the  record.


R. Lewis abstained.


Mr. Flynn was present and went over his application.  The Commission had no issues with this application.


MOTION by M. Grigg, SECOND by K. Geary to approved application #09-012 as submitted.  MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.


A.  #09-005  (Private Drive)  Application of Arlene Ferrucci Steinlauf & Stephen Yardan, 55 Sound View Heights, Branford, CT  06405 for the construction of a private drive on Jeremy Hill Road in North Stonington, CT  06359 to access a subdivision in Stonington, CT  06378.  Tax Map #114/115, Parcel #3715/7823


Chairman White read the application into the record.


Mr. Phil Katz, P.E. of Stantec, Atty. Richard Coty and Ms. Priscilla Baillie, Ph.D. of Marine & Freshwater Research Service were present for this application.


Mr. Katz went over the existing and proposed plans.


The Commission had questions concerning the width of the private drive, de-watering, the vernal pools and the culverts.


R. Lewis referred back to a 1990 ERT that was done for the site and a report by Harvey Luce, a professional soil scientist from 2005 when the applicant was proposing to subdivide the property in North Stonington.


MOTION by R. Lewis, to hold a Public Hearing on Application #09-005.  The motion was not seconded.


Atty. Coty stated that they had a soil scientist look at the site and the ERT is 20 years old.


The Commission discussed a smaller road of 16 to 20 feet with less impact to the wetlands. 


MOTION by R. Lewis, SECOND by K. Geary to approve Application #09-005 based on feasible and prudent alternative to the application before us with the following conditions:


1.  Width of the road cannot exceed 20 feet along the whole North Stonington corridor no fills beyond that.


2.  Install 15” crossing pipe, with an invert, to make continuity between both wetland complexes, along with Erosion & Sediment control.


3.  Twenty-Five Thousand Dollar ($25,000) Erosion & Sediment Control bond for the construction costs of this activity.


4.  Vegetation to be established for a full growing season.


5.  Construction to occur during the summer or dry months.


6.  Wetlands Enforcement Officer to be given 30 days notice in advance prior to construction.


7.  Prior to construction stake out the vernal pools for construction workers and Wetlands Enforcement Officer to minimize the damage to the pools.


8.  Provide deeds that roadway is not a public road, stating the Town is under no obligation to accept as a public road.


9.  Condominium Association will be required to maintain the roadway and drainage system and to be enforceable by way of an administrative order.


10.  Vernal pools sign posted as a precaution to make public aware they exist.


11.  Allow the Wetlands Enforcement Officer to inspect drainage system and eco system in and around the area post construction and in years to follow.




In Favor:  D. White, M. Grigg, R. Lewis, A. Dobley, K. Geary, D. Cleveland, R. Miner


Opposed:  A. Dobley


C.  #09-013 (Structure) Application of Stonington Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, c/o Ron Sherman, 611 Main Street, Hope Valley, RI  02832 to construct a Kingdom Hall on property located at Providence-New London Turnpike, North Stonington, CT  06359  Tax Map #112/Parcel #7791


The applicant requested their application be continued to the Commission’s April 8, 2009 meeting as their site-plan revisions are not ready.


D.  Tom Rogers, Manager of Treasury Services of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation is requesting the release of the following bonds for the Lake of Isles Golf Course:


Stormwater Management                                     $5,850

Erosion & Sedimentation                                     $216,172.00

Surface Water Quality Monitoring                      $11,562

Groundwater Quality Monitoring                            $11,569


Mike Boland representing Lake of Isles Golf Course was present.  The Commission had no issues with releasing the bond.


K. Geary abstained.


MOTION by R. Miner, SECOND by M. Grigg to release the requested bonds.  MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.


6.   NEW BUSINESS:    


Inland Wetlands 2009 Appoints/April


The Commission’s 3 members up for re-appointed in April, R. Lewis, M. Gray and R. Miner all wish to be re-appointed.


7.   WORKSHOP:  None




Shunock River Estates – possible work being done in the wetlands.


Mr. Duncan Schweitzer came before the Commission to discuss the work that is being done in the Donald Henne Nature Preserve on Babcock Road.


Mr. Schweitzer stated that before any work had begun he had spoke to the WEO and explained that they would be putting in foot paths and a foot bridge for horses.


WEO Berardi stated that he was informed of the activity and because the work was being done with hand tools a permit was not required.


Mr. Schweitzer stated that the work is complete and the Commission asked if any more work was to be done in the future to inform the Commission.








MOTION by A. Dobley, SECOND by D. Cleveland to adjourn the Inland Wetlands Commission Meeting at 9:20 p.m.  MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.


Respectively Submitted,



Cheryl Konsavitch


Cheryl Konsavitch, Administrative Assistant

Inland Wetlands Commission


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