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I want to build a structure
In general, anytime that you are adding a new structure or change the footprint of an existing structure a zoning permit is required. A Zoning Permit is needed before you can obtain a Building Permit.
To obtain a Zoning Permit a application needs to be completed, with copies of your deed and tax map and a Plot Plan. Instructions are included in the Application Package. The application is then submitted to the Land Use office located in the New Town Hall.

There are several types of Zoning Permits. Below is a list of typical activities that require a permit, and a link to the correct application package. The sections of the Zoning Regulation that relate to or govern that activity are also indicated. With the exception of Home Occupation Class II and certain Change of Use Applications, the following Applications are handled administratively by the Senior Planning and Zoning Official:

NOTE: An application is still required even if the division counts as the “Free Split”.

Additional Permit Applications.  The following Applications require a Site Plan Review by the Planning and Zoning Commission. Additionally, all Subdivisions, Re-subdivisions and Special Permits require a Public Hearing.

For further information about Zoning permits contact the Planning and Zoning office at 860-535-2877 x26 or Click Here to view the web page.

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