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Animal Control
Contact TypeContact Information
Karcher Deshefy
Animal Control Officer
Gary Baron
Animal Control Officer
Transfer Station
215 Wintechog Hill Road
North Stonington, CT 06359
Meetings by appointment

Kennel viewing is available when the Transfer Station is open.

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"Pete" needs a good home!!
Full blooded Staffordshire Terrier needs a home soon!!
Beautiful, very smart pup!
About 1-1.5 Years Old, all black!
Please call the Animal Control Officer at 860-287-2197!

Dog Adoption Process:
Contact the Animal Control Officer
Spend supervised time with the dog to ensure compatibility
Fill out a State Adoption Contract
Pay the adoption fee
Take the dog home

Dog Adoption Fees:
Spayed or neutered: $5
Instate not spayed or neutered: $50
Out of state not spayed or neutered: $5

If a dog is adopted by a Connecticut resident and the dog is not spayed or neutered the adopter will receive a voucher from the Animal Population Control Program.

Out of state residents are not allowed to participate in the Animal Population Control Program.

Nuisance Dog:
Dogs are not allowed to roam and must be under control.

If a dog roams and/or causes damage the owner will be liable.

Black Bear Sightings
There have been several reports of Black Bears in the Wyassup Lake and Pendleton Hill Area.
         or call the State Wildlife Division, at (860) 675-8130

Animal Abuse:
If an animal is being abused or neglected please contact the Animal Control officer immediately.

We commonly receive inquiries about cats. Most of these calls are a direct result of feline overpopulation resulting from owners failing to spay or neuter because cats are able to reproduce at four months of age. It is important to neuter and spay cats as they contribute to the spread of Feline AIDS and Leukemia.

A responsible cat owner spays or neuters his/her cat between 5 and 6 months of age. By law cats need to be vaccinated for rabies from 3 months of age.

Cats are best kept indoors as there are many calls about lost cats, Coyotes and fishers are usually the cause.

The Town of North Stonington does not have the facilities to care for stray cats.

Rabies is a widespread, viral infection transmitted through the saliva of infected warm-blooded animals. The virus attacks the nervous system and, if left untreated, is 100 percent fatal in animals.

Rabies usually begins subtly, with pet owners first noticing that their pet goes off its food and just "doesn't seem right". The animal may become restless and irritable, have a "strange look in its eyes" and make funny sounding cries or barks. As illness progresses, nervous system signs become more obvious with tremors appearing, difficulty walking and swallowing, and even convulsions and paralysis developing. Affected animals may or may not try to bite or show other signs of aggression.

If your pet begins to show any of these symptoms, notify the Animal Control Officer at (860) 287-2197 and seek the care and advice of a veterinarian. Separate your animal from other animals and humans immediately.

Rabies Questions:
Anyone having questions concerning dogs, cats and other domestic animals that may have been exposed to a suspected rabid animal should contact the Animal Control Officer at (860) 287-2197 or the State Animal Control Division at (860) 713-2506.

Anyone having questions concerning possible human exposure to rabies should contact the Animal Control Officer at (860) 287-2197 or the state Department of Public Health at (860) 509-7994.

Anyone having questions concerning wildlife, including unusual behavior, can contact the Department of Environmental Protection, Wildlife Division at (860) 424-3011 or for emergencies (860) 424-3333.

Rabies Symptoms:
Loss of appetite
Excessive irritability
Unusual vocalizations
Change of behavior
Jumping at noises
Trouble walking
Excess salivation
Unprovoked aggression.

Hours of Operation Monday - Friday 8AM - 4PM (except holidays)
Old Town Hall 40 Main Street, North Stonington, CT 06359

Phone: (860) 535-2877 Fax: (860) 535-4554.