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Most residents know they can call 9-1-1 to get assistance in the event of a police, fire or medical emergency. With Connecticut’s Statewide CT-Alert system, the Groton Emergency Communications Center can notify residents and businesses in Groton and North Stonington about a potential emergency circumstance.
The CT-Alert System allows our 9-1-1 Telecommunicators to rapidly notify specific geographical areas by telephone, email, text or instant message with minimal impact on emergency services personnel.  The CT-Alert System is the only statewide emergency notification system in the United States.
How does the CT-Alert System work?
In the event of an emergency, the Groton Emergency Communications Center can identify the affected area and record a broadcast message will describe the situation and recommend any protective actions residents should take. The CT-Alert system will automatically call telephone numbers or send email and text messages to everyone within that geographic area to deliver the message.  If the recipient’s phone line is busy, the system will redial the number.  If an answering machine picks up the call, the emergency message will be left on the machine.
System Features
The CT-Alert system's features make it an excellent tool for sharing information and alerting residents in the case of an emergency situation.
  • It can provide an initial warning as well as specific instructions to protect at-risk citizens. Both factors are necessary for an effective warning.
  • Our 911 Telecommunicators can target specific geographic locations, warning only those people who are directly at risk.
  • The system uses existing devices (telephones, text devices, email and instant messaging) to alert citizens; there is no need for people to buy a specialized warning device.
  • The system can deliver text messages to TTY/TDD devices. This feature has the potential to greatly enhance our ability to warn and protect citizens who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • Residents and business owners can add telephone numbers and email addresses to the database. This feature allows those with non-traditional AT&T landline telephone numbers such as Vonage, Comcast and other VOIP telephones and cellular telephones to add their information to the system.
  • Residents and business owners are not limited to receiving messages sent to just one address.  
  • Residents and business owners can create user accounts on the system and control the method of message delivery i.e. cell phone first, home number second, email address third, etc.
Some of the many uses of the system could include:
  • Emergency Evacuations
  • Missing Person Alerts
  • Natural Disaster Alerts
  • Hazardous Material Leaks
  • Search and Rescue Operations
  • Neighborhood Emergency Incidents
  • Homeland Security Notifications
The CT-Alert System provides our 9-1-1 Telecommunicators with a state-of-the-art, public safety communications solution to better serve those who live and work in Groton or North Stonington.
System Limitations
As with any system, CT-Alert has its limitations. The basic name, address and telephone number database contains only those telephone numbers for residents who have traditional, landline AT&T telephone service (both listed and unlisted). Cellular and some broadband (VOIP) telephone numbers are not included in the database.  Unless residents manually add their information to the system, we will be unable to notify people with cell phones, broadband phones, email or instant messaging addresses.  
In order to create your own user identity and add your non-traditional telephone, email addresses or messaging identity to our system, you are encouraged to visit the State of Connecticut’s CT-Alert website at and follow the easy steps listed.  
When you create an account with the CT-Alert system, you can add multiple addresses to your phone number.  In this manner you can, for example, receive emergency messages for your home address, your children’s school, your work address and/or the address of your relatives – assuming of course all of the locations are within Connecticut.  
While the CT-Alert System is very effective for making notifications within a well-defined geographic area, we can’t alert you if we can’t reach you during emergencies.  We strongly encourage you to visit the CT Alert website at in order to add your cell phone numbers, VOIP-broadband telephone numbers and email addresses to the system.
The incorporation of the CT-Alert system represents the Groton Emergency Communication Center’s continuing commitment to providing our residents with the most advanced technologies available to ensure that our efforts to keep our residents safe are as effective as possible.
To register your address and phone number, please visit the CT Alert webpage at

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