Kingswood/Cedar Road update, Communications Committee, School Budget Update

Update on Cedar/Kingswood Roads-

It has been a couple of months since the repaving of Cedar and Kingswood roads have taken place. The job did not come out perfectly and there is still some work to be finished. At the beginning of Pinecrest you will notice it has not been paved. We need to do some drainage work there before we finish the repairs to that part of the road. 

Chip sealing has been used very successfully throughout town on many projects. When this method was chosen we anticipated a better outcome. It was applied  in a thin layer to help alleviate potential runoff into residents driveways. We did successfully put the thin layer down but it made for a patchy finish. We also did patch the road in areas that needed it in order for a flat finish. One thing that will happen once we get some snowfall is the plows will actually help smooth out the roads. This is normal for this process and will help provide more of a finish to them which we hope will help some of the concerns that have been raised with pooling and the rough finish. In the spring we will take a look at these roads and see if any additional improvements are necessary and evaluate our options. The Highway department takes great pride in the roads of North Stonington and this is evidenced by how well our roads are maintained. We look forward to seeing improvement in the near future.

Communications Committee-

At the Board of Selectman meeting Tuesday night it was decided to form a communications committee/group that will be tasked with helping deliver important news and communications to the town through a variety of channels and methods. If you have interest in serving on this committee please email the Town Clerk at for consideration.

School budget update-

The Board of Finance met last night (Wednesday night) and members of the Board of Education and Selectmen were present. Much discussion was had on how to proceed with the school budget. The school budget was proposed at a zero increase. At the last town meeting through a miscommunication the Board of Education and school administration was not present and thus did not have an opportunity to present their budget. We will look to hold another town meeting to present the school budget so all residents can be informed and vote again on this in December.

Michael Urgo 
First Selectman