Weekly Selectman's update including upcoming meeting schedule, highway foreman retirement, snow summary


With school being closed we are providing our “video update” as a written update once again.

We hope everyone is beginning to dig out from our blizzard yesterday. We are happy to report we had very few incidents and low power disruption throughout the storm though there were a few reports. Repairs continue on multiple telephone poles at the end of Rt 49 in Stonington which caused disruption to service for about 100 homes in North Stonington and 400 in Stonington last night. Power was restored last night to everyone and we thank Eversource for the quick response.

This past week we had a Board of Finance meeting on Wednesday.

The highway department worked over the last week in preparation for the storm. They did a great job keeping the roads clear and snow drifts under control and we are thankful for their hard work and dedication. Last week they also replaced guard rail posts on Button Road and Yawbux Valley.

Our Transfer station resumes normal hours Wednesday and Friday 12:00 PM – 3:45 PM

Thursday and Saturday 8:15 AM – 3:45 PM

Next week we will continue with snow work and will look to replace a guide post on Wyassup Lake Rd by the boat launch replace missing guide post Rocky Hollow Rd.

Our new Town Clerk Antoinette Pancaro began this week and is enjoying her new role.

You should have received your tax bill by now. You have until February 1st to pay it. Thank you for your prompt payment if you have already paid.

Next week the Center for Emergency Services committee meets Monday as well as the School Modernization Committee. Tuesday the Board of Selectmen will meet. Wednesday the Board of Education will meet, and the Planning and Zoning Committee meets Thursday evening. There will also be a meeting with all board and commission chairs next Monday.

We are sorry (and happy) to report that our long time Highway Foreman Steve Holliday will be retiring after 25 years of service. You may recall his wife Norma just retired as our Town Clerk. We wish Steve well as he begins his exciting post-employment journey!

Please be aware temperatures are forecast to average well below zero with wind chills through the weekend. Please take care of neighbors and pets in these frigid conditions. A list of shelters is available by calling 800-203-1234 or visiting https://www.211ct.org/ . If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911. Emergency crews stand ready to respond. For non-emergencies if you need help or know of others in North Stonington who do need help, please contact Emergency Management Director Gary Baron 860.912.0004.

Happy 2018!!!