Neighborhood Meetings

Summary of Neighborhood Meetings

Neighborhood Meeting Schedule


Pendleton Hill Rd/

Boombridge Rd

Monday 3/6/2023


First Baptist Church
Wyassup Rd

Monday 3/13/2023


The Grange
3 Lakes

Monday 3/20/2023


Camp Wightman

Cossaduck Hill/

NW Corner Rd

Monday 3/27/2023


Maple Lane Farms

Mystic Rd/Kingswood

Meadow Wood/Cedar Ridge

Monday 4/3/2023


Recreation Center

The Village

Monday 4/24/2023


Media Center

Click Here for the 2023 POCD Meeting Schedules, Map, and Streets for each meeting

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I attend a meeting?

Focus group meetings will be held in person at the Media Center and via Zoom (computer/smart phone/ phone call).

Neighborhood Meetings will be held in person in various locations throughout town.

Check the website for dates and times of all POCD-related Meetings and for the log-in information if attending via Zoom.

If I miss my Neighborhood meeting, can I go to another scheduled neighborhood meeting?

Yes!  If another date works better for you, by all means attend that meeting instead.

Do I need to register for a meeting or sign up in advance?

No, there is no pre-registration for the meetings.

How long will the meetings be?

Meetings will generally be 1 hour depending on the size of the group.

What happens at a meeting?

A facilitator will be asking questions and keeping discussion moving.  All participants will be encouraged to answer questions and provide feedback, but may also just listen to others.

How do I know which neighborhood meeting to attend?

Click here to see a road listing and map of North Stonington

How do I know which meeting to attend? 

Click Here for Map ad Streets for each meeting