Traffic Commission Sub-Committee

Mission Summary and Guidelines

Status of Committee: Ad Hoc

Objective: The Traffic Safety Sub-Committee will investigate, review, and analyze traffic safety issues raised by community members and Public Agencies. The sub-committee will serve as an advisory agency to the Board of Selectmen and is not authorized to set town policy.

Mission: To support the Town in its endeavor to provide safe streets for the citizens of North Stonington.

Timeframe: Ongoing.

Suggested Frequency of Meeting: Monthly, or as needed and during daytime hours. 

Reporting Requirements: The subcommittee shall come to the Board of Selectmen on a quarterly basis.

Initial Membership: One Resident State Trooper, Highway Foreman, and 3 community members interested in safe roadways. Minority representation rules apply to membership as described by CGS § 9-167a.

Steven Sawyer



Laurie Socha



Britt Tella

Community Member


T.F.C Jason McCarthy/ T.F.C Kate Chamrin

Resident State Trooper

Don Hill/ Joe Rubino

Highway Foreman/Designee