Pandemic Flu

The State and Connecticut and towns are working on a pandemic flu plan.  The Red Cross has provided general information on the subject for individual planning and knowledge.

The Town of North Stonington is also building an individual database that can be used for emergency management including a pandemic flu outbreak.

  • If your household has someone with special medical needs, i.e. breathing apparatus, dialysis requirements, etc, the Town will try to assist and inform you how you can receive the care that is required.  Confidential information can be reported to our Nursing Services, the VNA of Southeastern Connecticut at 444-1111, or the Selectmen’s Office at 535-2877 x 10.
  • If you would like to volunteer during an emergency for the Town and/or region please submit your name to the Selectmen’s Office, 535-2877 x 10.
  • In your home preparations do not forget to plan for your animals and pets.