2020 Revaluation Updates

November 1, 2019

The Town of North Stonington has begun the 2020 revaluation of the Town.  The contract for the revaluation was awarded to eQuality Valuation Services LLC from Waterbury, Connecticut.  The Town has a long history with the company and I feel that they will do an excellent job.  As long-time town residents know, the State of Connecticut mandates that every 5 years the Town of North Stonington shall conduct a revaluation of all real property in the town.  North Stonington, CT. must complete the revaluation for the 2020 Grand List.

The first part of the revaluation will be setting up the job.  The Assessor’s Office will provide parcel maps and data on every parcel.  The contract calls for new pictures of all major building and homes to be taken on the exterior.  If you have a question about anyone you see in your neighborhood, the town can verify the type and color of the car and license plate number as well as the name of the person and if the individual is employed by the revaluation company.  Be sure to check the I.D. of anyone who comes to your door.

A representative of the company will have a photo I.D. from the Town.  We will be posting on the Town of North Stonington’s web site the area of town that the company representative will be working in. 

In order for the revaluation of the Town to be successful, it is important that all property owners cooperate with the company doing the revaluation, therefore the Assessor’s office is asking that all property owners allow the representative of eQuality Valuation Services LLC to complete their inspections.

Please look at the web site for more information as the job progresses.