2020 Revaluation Updates

December 8, 2020

Information from the Assessor’s Office regarding changes in land values under PA 490

Every five years, the State of Connecticut revises the values used under the PA 490 program.

PA 490 is the farm and forestry program that allows a reduction in the value of land used to make a profit in agriculture or forest land used for timber or a conservation purpose.

This year, the value on forest land increased from $240/acre to $390/acre.  This is an increase of $150/acre.  Other changes to land under PA 490 also occurred.  See the chart below.

The new values per acre are as follows:

                                    2020                       2015

Tillable A                    $1,880                   $1,960

Tillable B                    $1,280                   $1,390

Tillable C                    $1,110                   $   670

Tillable D                    $   850                   $   460

Orchard E                  $   990                   $1,390

Pasture F                   $   280                   $   140

Swamp, Ledge                                                                  

Scrub G                     $     40                   $     40

Woodland/Forest      $   390                   $   240

September 18, 2020

Update on the Town Revaluation

The Town of North Stonington is completing the revaluation of all real estate within the town for the Grand List of October 2020.  The company doing the revaluation is eQuality Valuation Services from Waterbury, Connecticut.  All homeowners should have received a data mailer form.  I request that everyone review the form and return it in the postage free envelope provided.  Your new valuation notice will be mailed to you around the middle of November.  Your notice will include a web site so you can view the information on your field card and information on how to discuss and review your valuation.  A phone number is included for those who wish not to use the computer.  I ask that all citizens of North Stonington cooperate with the State mandated revaluation project.

July 31, 2020

June 11, 2020

June 1, 2020

May 29, 2020

May 4, 2020

April 17, 2020- 

Homeowners: Update on the town wide revaluation.

In the next couple of days, all residential homeowners will receive a form called a data mailer from eQuality.  eQuality Valuation Services. This is the company that the Town of North Stonington has contracted with to do the 2020 revaluation. We are asking all homeowners to review this form and follow the directions contained in the package and return it to eQuality in the pre-paid envelope provided. Our assessor can answer any questions regarding the data mailer by email at DDelGrosso@northstoningtonct.gov. Thank you for your cooperation with this important town initiative.
Darryl L. Del Grosso, CCMA II
Town of North Stonington, CT.

March 18, 2020- 

Inspections in Section 2 will begin on Monday March, 23rd. 
March 6, 2020- 
Collectors cars will have the sign pictured below on their vehicles.
reval car sign
February 18, 2020- 
(Sample postcard sent to residents)

eQuality Valuation Services, L.L.C. of Waterbury Connecticut, has been contracted to assist the Assessor in conducting the October 1, 2020 revaluation of all properties in North Stonington, as mandated by state law. This notification is to inform you that a representative of eQuality will begin data collection in your neighborhood.  Each section of Town will be notified in advance.

Under the Assessor’s supervision, eQuality will collect and analyze information about all properties. An important part of the valuation process involves measuring the outside and listing the interior features of each improved parcel by a representative of eQuality. Photos will also be taken of each building. The inspection will take between 10 to 15 minutes. After making a complete inspection, the property owner will be asked to sign the form. The signature is only a verification of inspection and does not commit the homeowner in any way. We appreciate your cooperation in this process.

All representatives will carry photo identification and the original letter of introduction signed by the Assessor. Homeowners are encouraged to ask for identification from the data collector. Their vehicles will be registered with the North Stonington Resident State Trooper . Please call our office at (860) 535-2877 x 24  if you have questions or concerns.

Click Here to view the list of streets during this phase of reval. Inspections will begin on Thursday February 20, 2020.

November 1, 2019

The Town of North Stonington has begun the 2020 revaluation of the Town.  The contract for the revaluation was awarded to eQuality Valuation Services LLC from Waterbury, Connecticut.  The Town has a long history with the company and I feel that they will do an excellent job.  As long-time town residents know, the State of Connecticut mandates that every 5 years the Town of North Stonington shall conduct a revaluation of all real property in the town.  North Stonington, CT. must complete the revaluation for the 2020 Grand List.

The first part of the revaluation will be setting up the job.  The Assessor’s Office will provide parcel maps and data on every parcel.  The contract calls for new pictures of all major building and homes to be taken on the exterior.  If you have a question about anyone you see in your neighborhood, the town can verify the type and color of the car and license plate number as well as the name of the person and if the individual is employed by the revaluation company.  Be sure to check the I.D. of anyone who comes to your door.

A representative of the company will have a photo I.D. from the Town.  We will be posting on the Town of North Stonington’s web site the area of town that the company representative will be working in. 

In order for the revaluation of the Town to be successful, it is important that all property owners cooperate with the company doing the revaluation, therefore the Assessor’s office is asking that all property owners allow the representative of eQuality Valuation Services LLC to complete their inspections.

Please look at the web site for more information as the job progresses.