Burning Permit Information

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NEW Rules for Open Burning of Brush on Residential Property
North Stonington residents will be required to fill out an application for burning of brush.  Brush piles and area surrounding them will be inspected prior to the issuance of any permits.  Contact Fire Marshal for inspection by calling (860)599-3829.  After site and brush piles have been approved a permit will be issued, permits may not be issued on the same day.

There are now two determining factors  for burning after obtaining a permit:

1. Residents are now required to check the Air Quality Index by calling 1-800-249-1234
2. Forest Fire Danger Index is checked through Groton Dispatch Center 860-448-1562

There will be no Open Burning of Brush permits issued between June 15th and September 15th.

Please remember that a permit does not relieve the permittee of any legal liability, which may be incurred as a result of the fire.

Failure to adhere to the conditions of the permit may result in penalties and/or other enforcement actions

A permit is not valid under the following circumstances:

  • When national or state ambient air quality standards may be exceeded;
  • Where a hazardous health condition might be created;
  • When the Air Quality Index (AQI) is forecast to be 75 or higher anywhere in the state;
  • When the Forest Fire Danger Index is high, very high, or extreme; and where woodland or grass land is within one hundred feet of the proposed burn;
  • When there is an advisory from the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) Commissioner of any air pollution episode;
  • Burning of any material other than brush;
  • On property other than residential property upon which the permittee resides

Also be aware:

  • Open burning is limited to the burning of brush only 3” in diameter and less, on residential property upon which the permittee resides and is subject to all of the requirements above.
  • Burning must cease if so directed by any member of the Town Fire Marshal's Office, any Officer of the Fire Department or any Official of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.
  • All reasonable measures to assure complete combustion and reduce excessive smoke are to be taken.
  • All reasonable safety precautions are to be taken, including the cleaning of grass and trees in the burn area, wetting down of the surrounding area, and the placement of fire extinguishers and hose lines.
  • This permit must be immediately available on site during the burn.
  • Burning may only be conducted between the hours of 10:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. on a sunny or partly sunny day with the wind speed between five and fifteen miles per hour.


You may also require the following:

  • Burning may be initiated only in the presence of the Open Burning Official.
  • A fire crew and appropriate apparatus must be stationed at the burning site.