File a Petition

State of Connecticut Statutes Governing the filing of a Petition in a Municipality

Sec. 7-9. Petitions for vote. Form. Statement by circulator. Whenever under the provisions of the general statutes or any special act, any action for a vote by the electors or voters of a municipality is to be initiated by the petition of such electors or voters, in addition to such other requirements as such statute or special act may impose, such petition shall be on a form prescribed or approved by the clerk of such municipality, and each page of such petition shall contain a statement, signed under penalties of false statement, by the person who circulated the same, setting forth such circulator's name and address, and stating that each person whose name appears on said page signed the same in person in the presence of such circulator, that the circulator either knows each such signer or that the signer satisfactorily identified himself to the circulator and that all the signatures on said page were obtained not earlier than six months prior to the filing of said petition. Any page of a petition which does not contain such a statement by the circulator shall be invalid. Any circulator who makes a false statement in the statement hereinbefore provided shall be subject to the penalty provided for false statement.

Sec. 7-9a. Circulation of petition for vote at town meeting. No petition shall be valid for any action for a vote by the electors or voters at any regular or special town meeting unless such petition shall be circulated by a person resident or eligible to vote in such town.

Sec. 7-9b. Hours of voting at referenda. Whenever any municipality conducts a referendum on a day other than a state or local election, the polls shall be open between twelve noon and eight p.m., but any municipality may, any provision of any special act to the contrary notwithstanding, by vote of its legislative body provide that the polls at any such referendum shall open at an earlier hour but not earlier than six a.m.:

Sec. 7-9c. Dates and hours of referenda. Unless otherwise provided by law, a referendum on any question may be held at such hours as is provided in section 7-9b and on such date as the legislative body of the political subdivision holding such referendum shall determine pursuant to the provisions of the local charter, special act or home rule ordinance or not earlier than the thirtieth day following the day upon which the municipal clerk, upon instruction from the legislative body, issues a warning therefor by publishing a notice thereof in a newspaper having a general circulation in the municipality. In the case of any question to be submitted at an election as that term is defined in section 9-1, the provisions of sections 9-369, 9-369a and 9-370 shall apply. The provisions of this section shall not apply to votes scheduled under section 7-7.