Juvenile Review Board

The North Stonington Juvenile Review Board is a community based program designed to act as an advisory board to assist the North Stonington Resident Trooper(s) in the specific cases involving police/juvenile contact.  The goal of the North Stonington Juvenile Review Board is to make effective recommendations to assist individual youths to avoid repeated patterns of criminal behavior.  More

  • Acts as an advisory board to assist the Resident State Trooper and School System in cases involving juvenile/police/truancy contact of first offenders
  • Assists youths in avoiding the repeated patterns of criminal behavior
  • Provides an alternative to the Juvenile Court System for juveniles who are first offenders of non-felony behavior


Board Members

Name Title
Joseph Gross "Chairperson" At Large Member
Larry Chappell At Large Member
Ansel Wayne Coats At Large Member
Cheryl Beickert Alternate At Large Member
Jay Holzworth Juvenile Court Probation Officer
Linda Costanza School Representative
T.F.C. Dave Greene Resident State Trooper
Tom Fabian Town Youth Director
T.F.C. Jason McCarthy Resident State Trooper