How To Obtain a Building Permit

To obtain a building permit:

1. Complete Building Permit Application 

2. Provide proof of insurance and copy of Home Improvement Contractor License

3. If agent of licensed tradesperson, provide letter of authorization

4. Provide necessary construction  documents (Plans and Specifications)

5. Submit all documents to the Land Use Department with applicable fees

There are instances when a Zoning Permit and review and approval from the Ledge Light Health Department (LLHD) is needed before you can obtain a Building Permit.  Anytime that you are changing the use of the property, building or placing a new structure on the property, or changing the footprint of an existing structure, a zoning permit and approval from Ledge Light Health Department is required. For further information about Zoning permits contact the Land Use office at 860-535-2877 x126 or Click Here to view the web page. Applications for LLHD approvals can be found and submitted on line at or picked up at the Land Use Office.